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    Does your parking lot have cracks and potholes?  Uneven colour and texture? Do you have storm water management concerns? Future Paving  can help you make a great first impression on your customers with a expertly installed and maintained commercial asphalt parking lot paving. Trust Future Paving, experienced asphalt paving contractors in located Etobicoke and serving Toronto and the greater GTA, to help you find the appropriate solutions to exceed your expectations.

    What a transformation on The Mayfair Racquet Club parking lot.

    The key to a better and longer lasting parking lot begins with a proper sub base. On all new parking lot projects FUTURE PAVING shapes, grades and compacts the gravel using a heavy vibrating roller. This allows us to achieve the perfect compaction and density and makes for ideal base for the application of the asphalt layers.

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    A properly laid base coat.

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    Enhance your parking lot with freshly painted lines. At FUTURE PAVING we are fully equipped for all your asphalt painting needs. From line painting, own numbered parking spots, wheel chair marking, we got you covered.

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    “We needed to re-do our asphalt parking lot at Majestic Marble. Mimmo was referred to us by a client of ours. He responded very quickly, came out and walked us through the job. He sent a quote with fine details of how he would approach the job. We confidently hired him. Not only was his expertise well recognized, his team of employees were very polite on the job. The job was completed on time and we could not be any happier. We would highly recommend Future Paving. The paving was completed in June of 2012, Keep up the good work guys.

     Maria Angela – Concord, ON

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    We’re Passionate About Asphalt Parking Lot Paving and our clients appreciate our great work.

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    Parking Lot Remediation Blackberry

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    After cold,  long, wet winters potholes can become a huge problem for many asphalt parking lots. They can also cause the damaged asphalt area to become much larger if left untreated with constant traffic driving over them. Pot holes are an eyesore but more important are a trip hazard for pedestrians and a property owners liability.

    Future Paving can fill in and repair your potholes with asphalt keeping your parking lot well maintained and risk free. Our asphalt parking paving costs are competitive and our work is guaranteed.

    There are three components of constructing a long-lasting asphalt driveway or parking lot.

    1. Sub-grade preparation,
    2. Proper Drainage
    3. Adequate pavement thickness design.

    If any of these steps are flawed, the driveway or parking lot will probably not meet expectations.

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    We are proud of our asphalt parking lot restoration and paving work.



    The season is off to a great start and the weather is on our side.Restoration Asphalt Parking Lot Paving London OntarioParking Lot Paving Preparation Etobicoke

    Asphalt Parking Lot Paving London OntarioWe use heavy compaction to prepare the parking lot for Asphalt Paving.
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